Aisling Nelson


The Askaton tagline hooked me first; Ask, Share, Laugh. Networking events can be mega dull and/or nerve-racking. This meet-up blasted both of those stereotypes! There was no power dressing or stuffy formalities. The diverse mix of people I met were into doing stuff as well as talking about it. And the talks were about sharing bold ideas, having challenging chats and supporting each other in business.

Next Event: 6 pm, February 22nd. Science Gallery Dublin. Meetup link here.

I was lucky enough to attend a few Askaton events over the last years, and gained a lot of knowledge and confidence that enabled me to start my own business as a result. The organisers and participants alike were a great professional group that helped me with specific business planning and management queries, as well as invaluable support and motivation in general. I loved the format: presentation, Q&A and networking at end, all of which gave participants the opportunity to learn from and share their expertise and experience with others both formally and informally, in a professional but relaxed environment.

Diana Valentine, Founder


Aoife O'Leary -  Singer, Songwriter.


AskATon is a voluntary organisation based in Dublin, Ireland supporting diversity in STEM. Our event format is quite unique, featuring surprise, impromptu talks from our event participants, as well as panel talks, keynotes and workshops. Friendly and safe. :)


Supporting diversity in Irish STEM since 2013.

​I LOVE Askaton!!! The events are full of spot-on, really valuable training and information, but what makes it so different is the warmth and friendliness that I haven’t experienced at any other event like it. Andreea is amazing and the people who go to Askaton really support each other and are eager to help. That makes it so easy to ask any questions and to get truly valuable feedback. I gained so much clarity, confidence and guidance with projects I have been working on through Askaton. I can’t speak highly enough about it.